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Meet Dr. Dennis Day

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AZ Accident Chiropractic Plus

Dr. Dennis Day 

Dr. Dennis Day has been helping patients who are suffering from pain from auto accidents, personal injury, workplace injury, and chronic pain for over 30 years! Certified in posture analysis and rehabilitation, our chiropractor also specializes in back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, and other neuromusculoskeletal conditions that can result from poor posture. Strengthening structural balance and functional alignment helps relieve pain, optimize sports performance, improve the appearance and promote successful aging.

Dr. Dennis Day is a proud member of our community with 7 children and 18 grandchildren.


For Injuries & Accidents

Accidents cause more than pain; they are stressful. AZ Accident Chiropractic Plus is here to prevent your injury from preventing you from living your best life. Because we provide chiropractic care and neuropathic treatment, we not only treat existing problems but make you stronger for the future.

With a holistic approach like this, we can help you retake control of your life. Our team wants nothing less than to see you back out on the field or the road.

We Are Gentle

The term chiropractor sometimes puts people on edge. So we strive not to put you in a frenzy every time you see an appointment on your calendar. Instead, our doctor is gentle enough to keep you comfortable while still treating the issue at hand.

To provide such high-quality chiropractic care, one must have lots of experience. Our chiropractors have just that!

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