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Back & Neck Pain

When you wake up is your back or neck stiff and it hurts to get out of bed or off your chair? You may have some underlying issues that Dr. Day, Chandler, Arizona Chiropractor can help you with. AZ Accident Chiropractic Plus has had numerous offices in the Phoenix area with two still running. Here at our Chandler, Chiropractor’s office we are lucky to have Dr. Day.

Back Pain

Lower back pain makes life uncomfortable. AZ Accident Chiropractic Plus wants better for you! We give patients treatments that help them combat their lower back pain. These include spinal manipulation, manual manipulation, and mobilization techniques that increase the body's overall functioning.

Neck and Chin

Neck Pain

Sometimes spinal pain makes its way up to your neck. When this happens, you need treatment so you can feel comfortable. AZ Accident Chiropractic Plus uses chiropractic techniques to help you address any unexplained neck issues. Whether they're caused by an accident or years of looking down at your phone, our team will provide you with non-judgmental care. Our goal is to help you feel less stressed.

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