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Knee Pain

Our State Of The Art Equipment


There Is Hope!

$69 Knee Exam

You May Be A Candidate For Our Revolutionary Five-Point Knee Restoration Program!

Knee Pain Relief

Are You One Of The Thousands Of People Who Suffer From Knee Pain?

Do You Suffer From Chronic Knee Pain?

Knee pain is a highly common complaint with people who come into our office.

 There are many causes of knee pain: arthritis, previous trauma, previous ligament sprains and tears, previous sports injuries, or previous surgeries. Our approach is simple; rather than treating the symptoms, our goal is to find and treat the underlying issues creating your knee pain.

Imagine what you would be able to do if you didn’t have knee pain. You could

  • Walk Better

  • Move Better

  • Get Up And Down Better

  • Move Without Relying On Someone Or Something Else For Needed Support

Sounds Too Good To Be True? Well, It Isn’t!

We have adopted the latest technology on knee health and function and have been trained on this new technology and treatment plans.

No surgery, no drugs, no injections!

*We do not take every new patient, and there is a qualification process that one must pass to be considered a good candidate.

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